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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The Udaya School of Engineering's Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED-Cell) is established during the academic year 2020-2021, to promote entrepreneurship culture among students by hosting entrepreneurship awareness programs, guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs, and startup programs. Our college is a spoke college of Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII), Department of MSME- Government of Tamil Nadu.


The goal of promoting entrepreneurship among students is to in still in them a desire to work for themselves. The ED cell’s main objective is to conduct entrepreneurship awareness programs for students in order to raise entrepreneurship awareness. The college's ED unit offers a variety of skill development training programs that can lead to self-employment. It takes the initiative to conduct research and surveys in order to uncover business prospects. It encourages students to work on new product development ideas.It hosts E-Weekend Programs to encourage students to come up with innovative ideas that can be turned into businesses. It hosts guest lectures from successful entrepreneurs and provides a place for professional and student entrepreneurs to communicate. It organizes for aspiring entrepreneurs to visit various sectors.


The ED cell's scope is to raise student understanding about entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship awareness programs, bootcamps, industry visits, and panel discussions. The ED cell's major goal is to foster entrepreneurship in students by hosting workshops on business communications, presentation skills, startup idea generation, and technological improvements. The ED cell in college invites resource persons to develop the attitude of the students with their motivational and expert talk.


  • Tamil Nadu Student Innovators (TNSI) Awareness Programme
  • TNSI –Idea Submission
  • Idea Evaluation
  • Idea Selection
  • Development of ideas into products or services
  • Conducting Workshops/Seminars related to ED
  • Selection of Student Volunteers

TNSI Awareness Programme - 2020

Webinar on “Why IP for Startups”

TNSI 2020- Boot Camp

TNSI Awareness Programme- 2021

One Million Idea Awareness Programme

Entrepreneurship Talk

TNSI 2021-Ideation Camp

TNSI 2021-Boot Camp