Description of GIF Online admission is going on for the academic year 2024-2025
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With over 13 lakh young cadets around the country, the National Cadet Corps is the world's largest voluntary youth organization.Character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, a secular worldview, a spirit of adventure, and the virtues of selfless service are all goals of NCC. NCC develops a human resource of organized, trained, and motivated youngsters who can give leadership in a variety of settings and are always ready to serve the nation. The NCC also creates an environment that encourages young people to join the military. NCC has adopted community development activities with the goal of instilling in cadets selfless service to the community, the dignity of labor, the importance of self-help, the need to protect the environment, and the need to assist weaker sections of society in their upliftment through community development activities. Drilling, shooting, physical fitness, map reading, first aid, boat towing, sailing, and basic camp training are covered.